Pigment Black Refill Ink Bottle 170ml

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Pigment Black Refill Ink Bottle 170ml

High quality Compatible


For more dark and bright printing pigment black is perfect. It will work in all print cartridges perfectly even your printer series number isn’t mention as below.

1 bottle 170mil


For Epson is for the following Printers:

L485Epson EcoTank Expression ET-2500 / Epson EcoTank Expression ET-2550 L310  /  Epson EcoTank  Epson EcoTank L355  /  Epson EcoTank L365 / Epson Tank ECO L385  /  Epson EcoTank L405 / Epson EcoTank L455 / Epson Tank L56570ml.


For HP is for the following Printers:

HP 61, 61XL, 60, 60XL, 62, 62XL, 63, 63XL, 65, 65XL, 67, 67XL HP21, HP22, HP27, HP28, HP56, HP57, HP58, HP60 HP61, HP702, HP74, HP75, HP92, HP93, HP94, HP95, HP98, HP96, HP97, HP901 HP98 HP816 HP817 HP727 HP728 HP702 HP656 HP851 HP852, HP853 HP854 HP855 HP856 HP857 HP91 HP100 HP101 HP102


For Canon PG-640, PG-640XL, CL-641, CL-641XL, PG640, PG640XL, CL641, CL641XL; PG-645, PG-645XL, CL-646, CL-646XL, PG645, PG645XL, CL646, CL646XL; PG-540, PG-540XL, CL-541, CL-541XL, PG540, PG540XL, CL541, CL541XL; PG-510, CL-511, PG510, CL511

This Epson T6641 Dye Ink Refillable Black compatible as T522 T512 T502


Suit to Brother following cartridges as well

LC131 / LC133 / LC135 / LC137 / LC139 / LC135XL / LC137XL / LC139XL LC231 / LC233 / LC235 / LC237 / LC239 / LC235XL / LC237XL / LC239XL LC10 / LC37 / LC51 / LC57 / LC960 / LC970 / LC1000 LC11 LC16 LC38 LC61 LC65 LC67 LC980 LC990 LC1100 LC39 LC975 LC985 LC41 / LC47 / LC900 / LC950 / LC09 LC12 / LC17 / LC40 / LC71 / LC73 / LC75 / LC77 / Lc79 / LC400 / LC450 / LC1220 / LC1240 / LC1280


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